Daily Fresh products symbolise a new era in quality standards. Each product is specially formulated with natural ingredients and unique flavors. New innovative products are constantly being developed and market research is done before launching any new product into the market.

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Daily Fresh Cup Corn

Daily Fresh Foods Cupcorn is one of its most popular and unique products. A special technique of processing the corn is being used to retain its nutrients and sweetness. This technique produces corn in the form of Whole Kernel “Non-Cut”. The corn’s natural freshness is blast freeze within hours from harvest without adding in any flavour, colouring and preservatives, and is free from any synthetic chemicals. The Corn is them steamed at a specific temperature to retain its nature juiciness and golden colour prior to serving.

Daily Fresh Foods Corn is 100% natural, healthy, low in fat and high in fibre. Cupcorn is served in a cup which makes it convenient to consume. Every cup is simply nutritious and delicious. Cupcorn comes in a variety of toppings and flavours such as Original (margarine & salt), Sweetened Milk, Cheese, Chili Sauce, Raisin, Flaky Chilli, Garlic Cheese and Lemon Pepper which are localised according to the countries’s taste and lifestyle.